Dwarf-Lord of Ponte Vedra (apathyinboots) wrote in paganborn,
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Here's a little something you guys might find amusing

The other night I was participating in a ritual with some friends of mine, a couple of which are actually members of this community. What we were doing called for each of us to drop a small ammount of blood into our chalice. However, the knife we brought into the circle with us was rather on the dull side. It simply would not break skin when we tried to prick our fingers with it. One of us mentioned there was a sharper knife off in the kitchen but of course this was outside the circle we had cast. After much debate we agreed to just spit into the chalice. Mind you we all had to drink from this and it ended up being pretty nasty, as there was way too much salt in the water we had in there in the first place. I ended up having to drink the last bit and get all the....stuff...at the bottom. Eeewww. Anyway, we all had a good laugh about it. Ai ya, the lengths we go to for our faith, eh?
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