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Spiritual Acceptance

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Blues4Kali- A Cult Classic for the End Times [07 Mar 2007|04:42am]

[ mood | creative ]

What will Winter Solstice bring in 2012?
...an instant of Karma? ...an ethereal spiral dance of the collective soul? ... cosmic judgment leveled against civilization's expanse? ...destruction of the world as we know it? ...a chance for a new start? ...the rise and the revenge of the Goddess? or simply another day in the life of paranoia?
These are the false prophesies that your pastor warned you about!

Reality Exchange Program

"Makes DMT seem like a whip-it."

Crazy Bear said there'd be days like this. As usual, no one believed him. Now, all I want to know is: where IS that lifeboat, and how DO I ditch this ship of fools, without any of these bliss ninnies noticing that I'm already gone?

Captain, my ass. We are equal in this sea of madness.

That iceberg is looking awfully big.

Amana Mission is on a quest to save the world, and the only problem is, she can't remember why she got involved with such an obvious scam in the first place. Jesus saves. Christ. What a loser.

Kali kills first, and recycles later.

Hitchhikers, load up for a ride to the Other Side. You may wish you had gone Greyhound.

"What the...?"

*A cranky band of prankster peace warriors who absolutely cannot resist messing with each other's minds, no matter the cost.

*Cocky alchemy-dabbling quantum surfers, navigating the Ethersphere with hand-held computers, switching timelines to find a better party vibe and swap tips about the best temporary toilets for use as interdimensional portals.

*A burnt-out visionary hippie millionaire on a mission from Gaia to build a better "communitopia" by underwriting a convoy carrying telepathic priestesses.

*A wheelchair-bound mindpilot propelling a crystal-powered Seed Bank toward the post-Apocalyptic Garden, with psychic precision...and a predilection for high-velocity extreme driving.

*Hermaphrodite time-jumper fleeing a fate worse than death.

*Anarchist ghettoes where anything goes-except escape.

*Ancient Principals vying like sweatsoaked carpetbaggers for our loyalty as the Final Vote is tallied.

*Long-haired security patrols collecting a cannabis tribute tax from all pilgrims to the Valley of Fun.

*And an underground meat mafia bringing a black magic revival to a bloodless dreamworld gone bland.

All brought together by a secret psychedelic superdrug that tunes users in to reality through the eyes of another archetypal avatar inhabiting a different state of space and time. Mahayana made easy. Budding Buddha natures are running amuck on a virtual superhighway where all roads lead to the Bo tree and singularity.

Twenty-first century Tantra is about more than sex, drugs, and
rock and roll.Confronting the Karma of every wasted breath is only the first step.

Welcome to the End Times. Kali awaits. She already knows who you are.

Do you?

The 21st century counterculture is even weirder than it appears on the surface. This is not your mommy’s MTV Road Rules.

Ride along on this mesmerizing, metaphor-packed bus trip toward ecstasy and enlightenment, as three real-time guides-Amana, Sissy, and Deva, let you in on what they learned when they asked what It was really all about, after all.

Become them for a multilevel metafictional tour of infinity and awaken yourself to the miracle-a-minute magic of mighty Mother Kali!

Read Online Novel Blues 4 Kali at www.blues4kali.com

2012 Prophecies


[27 Feb 2007|01:59pm]

unfortunately i do not know who created this beautiful piece of art.
if anyone can educate me as to who created this, please e-mail me and let me know.


please join :)

Just saying hi for the 1st time [08 Feb 2007|10:44am]

IntroductionCollapse )

Merry Meet. [31 Oct 2006|06:52pm]

Merry meet. I just wanted to say HELLO!
And, I wanted to announce my new community.
It just started up and I am hunting for people.:)
I would love to learn more about Paganism,
And what not, for I lack in information!
So, please, take my hand and follow me :)
Oh! Happy Samhain to you all.
I hope you enjoy your night!

[20 Sep 2006|05:30pm]

[27 May 2006|03:20pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello, I'm Dori, a new member to this community and I have a question for any member willing to answer

I have been attempting to explore pagan religions, and was thinking of practiceing myself. If anyone hear as any information on books I can read that can help me along on my new spiritual journey? 

Anything at all will be greatly appreciated

Thanks <3

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Hope you will join me :) [09 Mar 2006|02:09am]

Hiya all, I have just opened a new spiritual forums and chatroom, focussing on a wide range of subjects from mediumship to the mayans, from tarot to ghosts and spirit and just general topics and fun sections. It is a uk site and obviously, it is all free. Because it is early days, I can also take requests for sections. My aim is to bring together people of all spiritual beliefs. I am hoping to take classes in the chatrooms at some stage...and am looking for people who might be interested in modding or doing readings/taking classes on the site. Anyway, feel free to register and have a peek, you dont have to stay if you dont like it :)It has only been up for 3 days so needs speeding up a little :)


help [11 Nov 2005|08:50am]

[ mood | anxious ]

im in high school and constantly harassed by people for my religion we are trying to start a polytheistic study group for all polytheistic religions at our school but they will want me to lead but i have no idea what to do if you can help me or give me some advice id really apreciate it

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negative energy? or something else? [19 Jul 2005|12:03am]

Am I just crazy? lol
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Whoopsies [12 Jul 2005|11:28am]

[ mood | amused ]

Here's a little something you guys might find amusing

The other night I was participating in a ritual with some friends of mine, a couple of which are actually members of this community. What we were doing called for each of us to drop a small ammount of blood into our chalice. However, the knife we brought into the circle with us was rather on the dull side. It simply would not break skin when we tried to prick our fingers with it. One of us mentioned there was a sharper knife off in the kitchen but of course this was outside the circle we had cast. After much debate we agreed to just spit into the chalice. Mind you we all had to drink from this and it ended up being pretty nasty, as there was way too much salt in the water we had in there in the first place. I ended up having to drink the last bit and get all the....stuff...at the bottom. Eeewww. Anyway, we all had a good laugh about it. Ai ya, the lengths we go to for our faith, eh?

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Twelve Wild Swans: by Starhawk [08 Jul 2005|06:14am]

I received this in my email and thought I would pass it on to those who may be interested:

Twelve wild Swans Study Online Study Group

Facilitated by Reclaiming Teacher MoonSong

About the book...

A fairy tale about twelve wild swans is transformed
into a set of instructions for an initiatory journey
into the world of magic and Witchcraft. The lessons
set out in The Spiral Dance are taken to a more
profound level in this book, the first ever written to
provide advanced magical training. A sourcebook for
circles, covens, and groups, this volume instructs on
three levels--the craft of magical training,
inner-spiritual development, and outer work in the
greater world...

Each chapter of the book is constructed to accommodate
three levels of experience, and three areas of focus.
The Element Path teaches the basic tools of our
tradition, the Inner Path directs those tools toward
our own personal and individual healing, while the
Outer Path helps us to take these tools out into the
community to inspire change, build community, and
confront the unhealthy power structures in our

About MoonSong...

MoonSong makes love and magic in Laguna Niguel, CA
with her partner Jesse, and son Jonathan. Teacher,
writer, giver-of-life, dancer to the sacred beat,
nurturing mother, high priestess, and wild woman
extraordinaire, MoonSong cannot count the ways that
magic has shaped and colored her life. Co-founder of
the Divine MAAF Circle, and Indigo Artichoke Hearth,
she has been practicing witchcraft for 13 years, and
working in the Reclaiming tradition for 8 years.
Having started her work on this path with Reweaving
SoCal, MoonSong began teaching in the Reclaiming
Tradition after completing the Advanced Magical
Studies course for teachers, and has been teaching the
Reclaiming tradition for going on 5 years.

About the group...

We will be using the Twelve Wild Swans as a starting
point in our exploration and study of Reclaiming
tradition witchcraft. After reading through each
section and completing the exercises we will discuss
our experiences online with he intention of deepening
our understanding of the energy and the possibility of
this good work. The richness of diversity in our
backgrounds and experiences provides an opportunity
for all of us to be teacher and student to one

To join the group, go to:


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Newbie! [21 Jun 2005|04:16pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Hey everyone! Just looking around for a pagan community that is still active, and this one looks FABULOUS! Amazing, really. I am faerie_of_wind -- Sara. I classify myself as Wiccan. I have been studying for quite a while now, though I am only 13. I love loreena mckennitt, playing guitar, music, drawing, singing, writing and being outside. my favorite element is wind, as you may have guessed. Can't wait to get to know all of you!

Brightest Blessings!


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New member [19 Jun 2005|02:21pm]

Hello everybody! I am a newbie here so I thought I'd introduce myself a little. I'm a seventeen-year-old girl from Finland and I have been interested in paganism for a while. I cannot say that I follow any tradition/path - at least not yet - but I feel a strong connection with nature. At the moment I feel as if I'm going throught some kind of "spiritual rebirth". I used to be a Christian (Evangelical-Lutheran to be exact), I've been christened and confirmed and everything, but for some reason I never really felt that Christianity had a lot to offer for me. I know it has a lot to give for many people, but apparently not for me, if you understand. :) So as of now I'm kind of looking for spiritual balance and trying to find my own "path". I'm not exactly looking for a tight-knit community or even a religion since I have mixed feelings about organized religions. I would like to, however, learn more about paganism to help me discover my own path.

What draws me to paganism in the first place is freedom: I like it how paganism doesn't look down on anybody or tell anybody what is right or wrong to do. I like it that as long as you harm no one, you are free to do what you wish. I know that there are numerous different paths and traditions that can fall under the "pagan" gategory, so I am not talking about paganism as a certain religion, but as a whole net or religions.

I'm sorry if this post is confusing... I have a tendency to ramble a lot :/ Anyway, I have one question before I stop. I've been wondering when people can start calling themselves "pagan", since not all traditions include initiation or any other rites. Is it just when you feel like it? When did you start calling yourself pagan? Or did you? I'm just curious to know... :)
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Thank You [12 Jun 2005|10:18pm]

Thank you, to whoever deleted that weird quiz results crap off the community. I'm not quite sure what kind of dramatic crap it has to do with or who that guy is, but it's certainly not any form of discussion on Paganism. Cheers!

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THIS IS A MSYTCIAL CREATURE !!! [07 Jun 2005|10:29am]

[ mood | accomplished ]



hey.. [18 May 2005|07:31pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Hey man you should be careful on Friday The 13, My dad found a wallet on the driveway and after three days a car crash happen around my house. This is weird but true it is like Crystal Lake is a real place so,maybe this is the birth of a new paranormal out look.(i don't know.)

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The "Weird Witch" Syndrome [17 May 2005|09:48pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey everyone. I had an experience the other day that I thought I would share with the community.

I work part-time at a dance studio, teaching dance and acting. This past saturday I was at the studio, sitting in the break room in between classes. I was talking with some of the high school-age students about various matters and the topic of religion came up. When questioned, I told the kids that I was a Neo-Druid Pagan. One of them seemed down-right astonished and had a look on his face like someone had just told him that 2+4=chair. His exact response was, "But you're not weird enough". At first I was a little bit insulted by this. My discrimination alarm went off and I started wondering if this kid was brought up in some sort of extremist Christian household. After giving a quizical look and an akward laugh, I asked him what he meant by that. He went on to talk about all the people at his school that he knew were Pagan. He said they were all reclusive people that dressed very gothy and were generally angry at everyone. As far as he was concerned, being strange and apart from everyone else was a part of the "wicca thing". I starting thinking about the matter later that day. It's true that stereotypes run prevalant through any groups, but I'm not about to act shocked that my Buddhist friend is not running around with a shaved head, orange robe, and prayer beads. Are we, as an amalgamation of the various Pagan religions, actually trying to ostracize ourselves from society? I'm not saying here that it's a fantastic idea to bow to the status-quo. I find myself doing quite the opposite very often. However, I don't live in a shack, wear robes everywhere, carry a big staff around with me all the time, adorn myself with an insane amount of rings and necklaces, or avoid "normal" people. Yet, it seems that when many people hear the term "pagan" or "witch", that is the image that is conjured up. I'm wondering if any of you have run into similar situations and your thoughts on the matter. Thanks


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hey.. [17 May 2005|08:37pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey I am new here, but I know I belong here. It is a feeling that I have (for real)

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