Katie LeQuia Rowland (starzykat) wrote in paganborn,
Katie LeQuia Rowland

negative energy? or something else?

Am I just crazy? lol

Lately I have had the worst luck and have been feeling some mass of negativity clouding around me. I have been under much stress lately because I am moving from Michigan to Utah. (I know.. what a weird move) I might just be over-reacting or attracting even more negative energy around me by worrying so much, but things are getting worse and worse. Today I was down in the basement and had a weird feeling. You know the feeling like something is following you? It was that one. I'm starting to think something else might be at work here. (like I said I could just be over-reacting) Here is some background and it will make sense in a moment. When I was younger and didn't know anything about respect for witchcraft, supernatural, death, etc I used to use an ouija board... a lot. I used it by myself all the time and talked to a spirit that called himself by the same name. I read not so long ago about being careful with spirits and that it was easy to become possessed if you opened yourself up. One of the ways to know you were is if you found yourself thinking about the spirit all the time or drawn to it, etc. Well I did. I didn't have a lot of friends at the time either so I was even more vulnerable. I found that I was having bad luck after awhile. After a bit I fell in love with a guy and decided that I didn't want to risk any more bad luck so I put the ouija board away forever. Now how this relates to my current bad luck is that I thought of that spirit today out of no where. I felt he wanted to talk to me. (It has probably been 4 years since I put the board away) Now some people have told me that it was probably some form of self hypnotism, but I really think I connected to this particular spirit. This may not have anything to do with my current bad luck but it seems like everything in my life is going wrong. I keep doing clumsy things and forgetting too. It could just be a rut. Does anyone have any thoughts or insight into what could be going on? I feel really vulnerable right now as well because all my tools, my bos, everything is not with me as it is being shipped to Utah. Can someone send me some positive thoughts? Also is there anything I could put together on hand to ward of negativity. I am a noobie so forgive me.
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