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Twelve Wild Swans: by Starhawk

I received this in my email and thought I would pass it on to those who may be interested:

Twelve wild Swans Study Online Study Group

Facilitated by Reclaiming Teacher MoonSong

About the book...

A fairy tale about twelve wild swans is transformed
into a set of instructions for an initiatory journey
into the world of magic and Witchcraft. The lessons
set out in The Spiral Dance are taken to a more
profound level in this book, the first ever written to
provide advanced magical training. A sourcebook for
circles, covens, and groups, this volume instructs on
three levels--the craft of magical training,
inner-spiritual development, and outer work in the
greater world...

Each chapter of the book is constructed to accommodate
three levels of experience, and three areas of focus.
The Element Path teaches the basic tools of our
tradition, the Inner Path directs those tools toward
our own personal and individual healing, while the
Outer Path helps us to take these tools out into the
community to inspire change, build community, and
confront the unhealthy power structures in our

About MoonSong...

MoonSong makes love and magic in Laguna Niguel, CA
with her partner Jesse, and son Jonathan. Teacher,
writer, giver-of-life, dancer to the sacred beat,
nurturing mother, high priestess, and wild woman
extraordinaire, MoonSong cannot count the ways that
magic has shaped and colored her life. Co-founder of
the Divine MAAF Circle, and Indigo Artichoke Hearth,
she has been practicing witchcraft for 13 years, and
working in the Reclaiming tradition for 8 years.
Having started her work on this path with Reweaving
SoCal, MoonSong began teaching in the Reclaiming
Tradition after completing the Advanced Magical
Studies course for teachers, and has been teaching the
Reclaiming tradition for going on 5 years.

About the group...

We will be using the Twelve Wild Swans as a starting
point in our exploration and study of Reclaiming
tradition witchcraft. After reading through each
section and completing the exercises we will discuss
our experiences online with he intention of deepening
our understanding of the energy and the possibility of
this good work. The richness of diversity in our
backgrounds and experiences provides an opportunity
for all of us to be teacher and student to one

To join the group, go to:

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I think I'm going to give it a try. I've done this 'reading as a group' kinda thing before, and enjoyed it. wonder about the 'learning to be a witch' aspect of it. Everything I know I have picked up on my own, hopefully the mods are open to different opinions.

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